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Make Your Mark

Make your Mark

The UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot of the public youth voice to have their say on what is debated in the House of Commons on 15 November 2013.

Five topics from a shortlist of 15 will be debated by elected MYPs in the chamber, chaired by Mr Speaker John Bercow.

Last years record turnout was 253,000 votes. UKYP will again working in partnership with Parliament Week and BBC 3’s Free Speech programme to promote the topics to schools and the public.

The results of the vote have been announced and the 300 MYPs who attended the House of Commons voted for Curriculum for Life for a second year in a row as the devolved campaign and Votes at 16 as a new nation wide campaign.

Make your Mark - National results:

  1. Votes for 16 and 17 year olds in all public elections
  2. Better work experience and careers advice
  3. Combating youth unemployment
  4. Zero tolerance towards bullying in schools
  5. A curriculum to prepare us for life

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Hampshire votes

Hampshire Make Your Mark votes

No. of Votes 2011

Turnout for 2011

No. of Votes 2012

Turnout for 2012

No. of Votes 2013

Turnout for 2013







Top 5 priorities as voted by Hampshire's young people


Zero tolerance policy to bullying in schools






Mental health services and education should be improved



Living wage



A curriculum to prepare us for life


National 'curriculum for life' campaign

"We believe that the place of citizenship education and PSHE in the curriculum should be radically overhauled through a youth-led UK-wide review; they are really important for young people’s growth and development as they teach vital life skills and can be the first steps to engaging young people in political life. Teaching staff should be specifically trained to a national standard to deliver citizenship education following this review’

MYP’s are asking all Hampshire Academies to agree to teach a Curriculum for Life. Please support us or give us your views, Tweet us @UKYPHampshire using #lessons4life or get in touch on our Facebook page.

Further information about Curriculum for Life.