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HCC Staff

Create an ID

If you are a member of Hampshire County Council staff and don't have a Hantsnet or OWL account, you can join online (if you have a Hantsnet account see Using).

Joining online is simple.  All you will need is:

  • your personnel number which you will find on your payslip

  • a personal e-mail address where you can receive e-mails.

Then visit: https://join.hants.gov.uk and follow the instructions.

Once you have joined and received your user ID and password, you can log in to Hantsnet Pages Anywhere and read the wealth of information available to Hampshire County Council staff.


Staff in Partner Organisations


Hampshire County Council works in partnership with many organisations and groups of people.  Examples include other local authorities within the county, other public sector bodies like the police and NHS, contracted companies and voluntary organisations.  

Access to part of Hampshire County Council's intranet can be sponsored (see Request Access page) so that groups or individuals can join Hantsnet Pages Anywhere.  

The list of sponsored groups is viewable on the next tabbed page.

Once access has been agreed, use the joining pages at https://join.hants.gov.uk to get a user ID and password.

When you have a user ID and password you will be able to log in with these and look at pages you have access to at https://anywhere.hants.gov.uk.


Sponsored groups

Anybody with email addresses in the domains listed below, may register for HPA by going to the page https://join.hants.gov.uk:

  • ports.nhs.uk

  • solent.nhs.uk

In addition anybody working for the following organisations or groups can register for HPA, but must request access from a named sponsor before they can register:

Group name



Andy Martin

Foundation Schools

Steve Riddle

IOW Social Care

James Knight

Havant Borough Council

Jenny Larby


Request Access

Request access

If you are from a partner organisation of Hampshire County Council and believe there are benefits for you in accessing Hantsnet Pages, please contact your normal contact at Hampshire County Council (HCC) to request this access.

If you work for HCC and wish to request access for staff from a partner organisation to view Hantsnet Pages, please phone IT Service Desk on 01962 847000.

If access to join Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is given, the HCC member of staff sponsors the partner organisation's access.  The sponsor will need to maintain a list of user's who are eligible to join the service.  This involves not just adding email addresses of individuals, but removing individuals when the access is no longer needed.


Managing your account

Here are some features you should be aware of once you've successfully joined:

  • your password will need to be changed every 90 days - you will be prompted to do this at the appropriate time when you log in
  • if you forget your password or user ID, or just want to change your password, use the Manage Your Hantsnet Pages Anywhere link on the log in page
  • if you enter your password incorrectly 3 times it will be locked out - please try again the next day.