Hampshire Children's Trust

Aims and objectives

The aims of this policy guidance are:

The objectives of this policy guidance are:

To inform all practitioners (including members of Children's Services staff) in or working with the Hampshire Children’s Trust so that they:

  • have a common understanding of information sharing guidance

  • know the procedures to follow when sharing information

  • understand the accompanying need for appropriate confidentiality when working with children, young people, their parents/carers and fellow professionals

  • have a clear understanding of what they, as individuals, can expect from working with either Hampshire Children's Services or  the Children’s Trust.

To outline what is meant by information sharing and by confidentiality and provide links to both national and local guidance on the legal framework. To provide:

  • an understanding of the relationship between confidentiality and the requirement to share information, and the circumstances in which the duty of confidentiality is subordinate to the requirement to share information

  • an understanding of the different levels of confidentiality that can be offered to children, young people and their parents/carers

  • information on relevant linking policies for staff

  • clarity amongst multi-agency teams and the children/young people and families to whom they provide a service.

The policy applies to all practitioners working within the Hampshire Children’s Trust workforce and to all staff working within or for Hampshire Children's Services. All staff will be made aware of the policy through each partner’s:

  • recruitment and induction programmes
  • training opportunities
  • staff meetings
  • newsletters and other forms of communication.

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