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The Adoption Contact Register

The Adoption Contact Register is designed to put adopted people and their birth relatives in touch with each other if that is what they both want. The Register does not contain the details of everyone who was adopted or is looking for their adopted family member as it a voluntary register.  

To join the Adoption Contact Register, you need to apply to the General Register Office. A fee applies for this service, currently £15 for adopted persons wishing to add their details to the register.

If your birth family details are not on the Register, they may need to undertake a search on your behalf, and, once the search and related checks are completed, will make contact on your behalf.

If they make an enquiry, it is Hampshire’s responsibility to let the birth family know that they have an adopted person interested in contact.  If they agree to this contact, this can be arranged through Hampshire’s adoption services team, though we advise that you write to each other, via a social worker or other intermediary, in the first instance. If the birth family does not agree to contact, we accept and respect their decisions.  

If Hampshire’s searches are unsuccessful, we recommend that you use a tracing agency to help you further. Hampshire Adoption team do not undertake searches. An agency is likely to charge you a fee or request a donation.

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