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Support Regarding Contact for Birth Family and Relatives

Before Hampshire’s adoption team undertake any enquiries on your behalf, an adoption worker will meet you and discuss the implications for you, your adoptive family and birth family in making contact.

Making contact can raise all sorts of unexpected emotions, which can be difficult to handle, even if you believe you will be fine and are ready and excited to meet the adopted person.  It could be that the timing of contact is difficult or it could be that your birth family and you have different ideas and expectations about any potential relationship. It is also possible that the birth family will not want contact.

An adoption support worker will help you look at these possible issues and help you cope during what is naturally an emotional time. For Hampshire’s adoption team, it is an essential part of making sure you are ready to start the process of searching for your birth family

Support is available throughout the process to handle the issues that arise after an initial contact - some birth families will be pleased that an adopted child wants to be in contact, others may feel that it is not appropriate. If you were adopted a long time ago, it may be that the birth family did not expect any future contact, so will probably be shocked and overwhelmed to hear from an adopted child. It is possible that some family members may not know about the adopted child at all.

Many adopted persons will also be concerned for the feelings of their adoptive family. Adoptive parents can find it difficult to acknowledge contact with their child’s birth relatives and be concerned for their son or daughter, as well as their wider family unit.  Some will feel angry and betrayed, while others will be pleased about the birth relatives interest

Some birth relatives and adopted persons will want to be in touch, others not. Hampshire’s Adoption support team ensure that the birth relative has access to support to help them cope and handle their own emotions and consider how they want to proceed.

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