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Adoption in Hampshire

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Supporting Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents face many challenges and you may find it helpful to talk to someone about issues related to your child’s adoption. You may, for example, want some ideas about how to discuss adoption with your child, or how to react to, and cope with your child’s feelings about his or her adoption or you may have concerns or need help with contact arrangements.

Hampshire County Council’s Adoption Support Service offers the chance to meet up with other adoptive parents, discussion and counselling on any aspect of adoption, signposting to other helpful services, and offers a series of groups and workshops on a range of topics. An adoptive parent can request an adoption support needs assessment

If you think you need support, please ask the Adoption Support team. The support could come from the team, who can signpost to a range of services, or from nominated providers, including:

  • Post Adoption Centre (PAC) Support Surgeries - PAC is an independent adoption support charity, which uses its experience and expertise to help adopters across the UK.  Hampshire works in partnership with PAC to support adoptive parents by offering group support sessions (both daytime and evening), parenting workshops, help with life story books and also provide one-to-one support.  PAC also runs a helpline for adoptive parents - 020 7284 58 79.

  • Adoption UK - Hampshire also works in partnership with Adoption UK, a self-help charity run by and for adoptive parents and foster carers, offering support before, during and after adoption.  All newly approved adopters in Hampshire are given one year of free membership to Adoption UK, and new and existing adopters are encouraged to attend meetings and social events.

Hampshire also links with Adoption UK to provide a Buddy Support Scheme for those in the early stages of placement. This support can also be accessed later on if you are having a particularly difficult or challenging time.

These services are open to adoptive parents who have adopted children from Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight). Adoptive parents, resident in Hampshire, who did not adopt through the county but whose child’s adoption order is more than three years old are also entitled to use these services.  

You may also find it helpful to review the information provided by

The Adoption Support Services team are available Monday - Friday Tel: 01489 587543