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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for carers

We already have a laptop which is the personal property of the young person we care for. Are we going to get another one?

No. Please tell us if this is the case, as we will be able to allocate a laptop to another young person who may not otherwise have received one.  If you have a care matters laptop, this needs to be returned – it will be replaced with this new laptop.

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Why are young people being issued with laptops, not carers?

The laptops have been bought with government funds, which are specifically for the purpose of giving targeted groups of young people home access to IT, to help them with their learning. If a young person moves home, they take their laptop with them.

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How did you decide who would get a laptop?

The funding criteria are very strict. Laptops have been allocated to young people in foster care, using school year/age as a way to break down who is a priority, and also issued to those leaving care but still in education

All young people who meet the criteria and are between 12 and 18 years of age, should receive a laptop, as will many between 10 and 11 years old. Issuing will be done by age (oldest age groups first). Young people will only receive a laptop if they do not already have a laptop or computer provided to them by their school or another scheme.

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I want to learn more about computers and online safety, what should I do?

A series of training courses will be offered once the laptops are delivered. There is also a lot of information on this site including videos and links which you will find helpful.

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Who does the laptop belong to?

The laptop is the property of Hampshire County Council, but has been given to the young person in your care for them to use.

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Why do I have to sign an Acceptable Use Policy?

The Acceptable Use Policy Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 60kb which outlines the responsibilities and commitments which accompany the laptops and their use. By signing an agreement carers and young people indicate that they understand what these are and the expectations which go alongside these.

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How can I prevent access to inappropriate sites?

The laptops come with “filtering” software included, this should prevent access to sites with inappropriate content such as gambling, adult content etc. You should also talk to the young person in your care and ask them to show you what they have been looking at. It will also help to keep an eye on when and where the laptops are being used, for example, only in a family area of the home.

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