Fostering in Hampshire

Provided by the Children's Services Department

About the children and young people who need fostering

When a child cannot live with their own family, Hampshire County Council is responsible for their well-being. This is usually until they are able to return to their family, but in some cases is while permanent plans are made for their future.

It is best if the child can stay within their local area (if it safe for them to do so) while they are living in foster care.  This approach offers important stability during difficult times, keeping up important links with extended family, friends, school and social activities.

Why children need fostering:

  • Sometimes children have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse or have been neglected at home and need to be removed from harm.

  • Some children come into care because of a parent dealing with mental health problems, alcohol or substance misuse. These children are looked after while their families get the support and help they need to recover.

  • Sometimes children may have lost their parents and are unable to live with their extended family or it may be that a parent with a disabled child needs a short break to support them with the long term care of their child.

Whatever the reasons for the child being looked after by foster carers, their individual situations will provide a foster carer with different situations to handle. The training and support offered to foster carers helps you to handle and deal with each situation and act in the best interests of the child and help them achieve their potential in life.

Children and young people are placed with foster carers so that they can benefit from positive family experiences, which will support them as they learn, grow and achieve.

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Read the stories of some young people who have lived in foster care here (pdf file)

If you can offer a Hampshire child the care and stabiliy they need, call us today to ask for more information or enquire using the e-form shown on the right hand side of this page.

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