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Short Breaks - Family Link

It’s amazing what you can do with a weekend!

The children you will care for as a Short Breaks Family Link carer tend to have some complex needs, such as a disability or medical condition. These needs can put pressure on families and place them under real strain at times, so a short break is chance for everyone to take a breather.

For the children and young people, the breaks are just that - a break. A chance to try something new, get a wider perspective on life, meet new people, develop social skills and skills for later life, while being safe and secure in your care.

Family Link short breaks carers work directly with the families that need their help, with support, advice and resources from a supporting social worker. As every family is different, the commitment that is expected will vary.

Family Link focuses on matching families with foster carers, and then building relationships between them and the child or young person - this is central to the scheme's long term success. For families with a child who needs extra help, finding a carer that will offer the same quality of care and nurturing as they will is one of their biggest concerns. With Link carers having direct contact a trusting relationship is built up, everyone can relax and then everyone involved gets as much benefit from teh break as the child does.

Short breaks usually take place over a regular weekend a month. Sometimes families need an odd extra night or two here and there, so may ask if you can help out with those too.

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