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Short Breaks - Support Care

Families across Hampshire need your help.

Make a difference in your life and theirs - be a Support Carer

Support carers help children and their families when they are facing periods of difficulty or are struggling to cope.

Parents can struggle for a range of reasons - and we all cope with situations differently. Some parents cannot rely on an extended family network for an all important breather  and that vital chance to take step back when things change or get tough. Others may struggle to know what to do for the best or how to respond if a child starts pushing boundaries or is excluded from school. Whatever the situation, when tensions mount sometimes families need a little extra help.

As a support carer, you will work as part of a professional team that offers intensive support to the families that are identified as needing help.

This support is usually given through a series of planned short breaks and some work with the child’s family. They could involve everything from after school help over a set period, to breaks during school holidays or weekends. This would typically be for no more than 4 days/5 nights a month, for up to nine months per family.

Every family is individual, and so every support plan will vary to meet their needs. As part of the plan you may spend some time with the child and their family talking about the key issues and sharing a listening ear, advice and expertise to help the family move forward together.

Support Care is the ideal way to make a positive impact on a child’s future while also juggling other family and personal commitments!

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