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Parent Support

Working in partnership with parents and carers

Value Statement

Parent and Family Support works within a clear set of values and principles :
  • importance of parenting and its impact on the well-being and development of children

  • parents have a unique knowledge about their child

  • parents are assumed to want the best for their child unless there is any evidence to the contrary

  • enhance the quality of family life for parents and their children through parent development opportunities

  • recognises and acknowledges the diversity of contexts in which parent-child relationships exist

  • believes change within family relationships is possible, and support to parents can help prevent family breakdown and social exclusion

  • parent development opportunities exist across a range of organisations each of which may have something unique to offer

  • promotes the National Occupational Standards for Working with Parents in all aspects of its work with parents and colleagues

The term parent” is defined as all those who are in the parenting role regardless of whether they are biologically related to the child.

Parenting is defined as all those processes involved in ensuring that all of a child’s developmental needs are being adequately and appropriately met.