Hampshire's Supporting Troubled Families Programme

Innovation Grant projects

In addition to the significant amount of local programme funding that has been made available to each Local Coordination Group, Hampshire County Council has established a new grant programme to fund additional innovative approaches to support families with multiple problems across parts of or the whole of Hampshire.

In March and August 2013 applications were invited from voluntary, community and non profit organisations offering new and innovative services, across parts or the whole of Hampshire, to target families with multiple problems who are included within the Troubled Families programme and are considered to be a high cost to the public purse.

For more information see the grant application pages.

Please contact the local Senior Responsible Officer  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 12kB if you wish to nominate a family to any of the projects funded by the Innovation Grant.

Projects that have been funded through this programme

Year 1

Test Valley Community Services

Three community events have been funded to take place in Test Valley, Basingstoke and Gosport. These events aimed to engage with hard to reach families through encouraging positive use of their leisure time and assisting communities and individuals to improve their lives and achieve their full potential. The events were delivered with a range of partners and organisations supporting STFP, including housing providers, statutory services, Borough Councils and community/voluntary sector providers.

Spurgeons - Invisible Walls Project

The Invisible Walls Project has been running for the last two years at HMP Winchester. The project offers family support at the newly established visitors centre, providing evidence based support to fathers in prison and skilling up practitioners across a range of organisations and services. Support to fathers including a parenting programmes, supported visits, targeted family sessions and post release support. Support for professionals includes training to improve identification and engagement of prisoner families and raising awareness.

Year 2

HMP Winchester

This project offers a restorative justice intervention to give 40 young offenders from across Hampshire an insight into life in an adult prison. This is achieved by arranging for young people to meet prisoners and their families at HMP Winchester. The project also offers school visits in hotspot areas to contribute to the education of young people at risk.

Wessex Dance Academy

To transform the lives of Hampshire’s most vulnerable young people using contemporary dance training. Enabling them to communicate and build better relationships, reduce risky behaviour and impulsiveness, develop a positive mental and physical attitude and find better ways of coping when things go wrong. To provide a safe learning environment where young people understand better how they learn and demonstrate to others that they can learn, enabling them to re-enter education.

The Hampton Trust

Providing specialist interventions, to parents and adolescent children of 15 families (identified by STFP) affected by domestic abuse. The project works with perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse to provide techniques and strategies for preventing abusive behaviour.

Southern Domestic Abuse Service

Offer a male mentoring project aimed at 30 families in Havant, East Hants, Fareham and Gosport affected by domestic abuse. The project will provide solution focused specialist support through a key worker approach.

Southampton Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service

This is a family therapy pilot for 10 families affected by domestic violence. The project proposes a county wide offer. Family sessions, based on a Systemic Family Therapy model and delivered over the course of one year, will be offered to families in Eastleigh, Winchester and New Forest.

Additional Domestic Violence projects can be found on the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum's website

Year 3

HCCS Community Action

Support for grandparents who care for grandchildren in Havant and East Hants. The project will deliver support groups and produce tailored guides for grandparents and local agencies based on identified needs for Havant and East Hants. Expected outcomes include tailored support groups for grandparents and a better understanding of available services for grandparents in a caring role. The project will also develop a guide for grandparents and professionals to better address and meet needs of grandparents in caring role.

The Source

This project provides counseling for young people and their parents (anger management courses) in Hart and Rushmoor. This is an extension of an existing young people counseling service to include working with parents. Expected outcomes include Improved Mental Health, school attendance, resilience, self management and communication skills as well as reduced ASB and substance misuse.

Inclusion Hampshire

The funding is to provide additional services to pupils attending this alternative education provider and their parents in Basingstoke, Hart and Rushmoor. The project includes home visits, parent and teen workshops, accompanying service for young people to attend appointments (e.g. CAMHS).

Young Mums Matter

This application is to offer dedicated support to families with teenage parents in Gosport, New Forest and Havant. The offer includes a 12 week accredited programme (2hrs per week) to support young mothers in four key areas (Home, Money, Work, Future aspirations).

Year 4

Spurgeons: Invisible Walls

Fund a part time case worker and the further development of resources and materials to support the mental health, alcohol and substance misuse needs of fathers and families affected by imprisonment.  Fathers in prison and families being supported pre and post release.

Community First

Support at least 25 Troubled Families by delivering anger management, anxiety management or brief solution-focused mentoring courses for Young People (Yr 6-12) in Havant and Winchester districts.