Hampshire's Supporting Troubled Families Programme

Case Studies

  • Family Case Study August 2014  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 146kB

    Mother, stepfather, grandfather and four children aged between 4 – 16:

    • No adults in the family working
    • Eldest child has irregular and poor school attendance
    • Children previously open to Children’s Services (previous Child Protection and Children in Need Plans in place) including time spent in Foster Care
    • History of drug and alcohol misuse by mother
    • Mother previously in prison and known to probation service
    • Complaints to housing association regarding property condition, noise and ASB
    • Eldest child previously open to Youth Crime Prevention workers and Youth Offending Team
    • Well known to neighbourhood policing team due to behaviour of younger children
  • Family Case Study April 2014  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 189kB

    • Single mother of three children (14, 18 and 20 years old)
    • No adults in the family working
    • Youngest child has poor school attendance
    • Youngest child previously open to the Locality Team, Youth Crime Prevention (YCP) and Youth Offending Team (YOT)
    • Family well known to Police due to Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and domestic incidents
    • Mother taken to the Legal Intervention Panel due to child’s low school attendance
  • Family Case Study – March 2014  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 174kB

    • Single mother living with four children aged 4 - 17 years old
    • Mother is the main carer for her niece who is not attending school
    • Mother is out of work and claiming benefits
    • Long history of domestic violence from ex-partner, children have been exposed to this abuse over the years
    • Daughter has learning difficulties
    • Family well known to Police due to Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) in the local community
  • Family Case Study February 2014  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 121kB

    Single parent household with six children (aged 3 to 16) living in a rural community.

    • Father (single parent) separated from his partner who has mental health issues.
    • Father was in employment but left work to care for the children when mother left the family home.
    • Claiming significant number of benefits and is subject to the benefit cap.
    • Significant rent arrears and heading towards court proceedings and a mandatory eviction notice.
    • Problems with rubbish in the front garden.
    • Children not attending school due to either Dad not able to coordinate school runs or issues and disputes with the schools.
  • Family Case Study November 2013 Microsoft Word 142kB

    Single parent (mother) household with five children (four of the children are aged between 18 – 24).

    • Youngest son previously attending Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)
    • High levels of unauthorised school absence and exclusions
    • Involvement of children’s services locality team
    • Adult children on out of work benefits
    • Involvement of housing and community policing in relation to anti-social behaviour
    • History of drug use with older children
  • Spurgeons Invisible Walls  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 385kB

    The Supporting Troubled Families Programme is part funding the Invisible Walls family support project at Winchester Prison. The project provides pre and post parenting and family support for fathers in prison as part of a multi-agency response to help fathers reintegrate into their families and communities on release.

  • Basingstoke and Deane Anti-Truancy Week  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 378kB

    Pilot of a multi-agency initiative to improving and tackling unauthorised school absence through a targeted approach.

  • Family Case Study October 2013  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 377kB

    Single parent (mother) household with six children and one grandchild.

    • Long history of domestic violence with previous partner
    • Mother suffers from depression, anxiety and physical disability
    • Youth Offending Team involved with two sons on orders
    • Anti-Social Behaviour Contract (ABC) in place for another son
    • Threat of eviction from Housing Association due to Anti-Social behaviour
    • Open to Children’s Social Care Children in Need (CiN) team
    • No member of the family in work.