Children's Services

CAF Lead Professional (LP) and Team around the Child/YP (TAC)

What is the role of the LP?

They have responsibility to:

  • be a single point of contact – giving children, young people and their families a trusted person to support them and communicate without jargon;
  • co-ordinate services – so that effective action is properly planned, delivered and reviewed;
  • reduce overlap and inconsistency – to ensure a better service experience and better outcome;
  • the lead professional is not responsible or accountable for other people’s work.

Who chairs the TAC?

The Lead Professional (LP) or their line manager.

What happens when the CAF completer cannot hand over the baton because there is no suitable LP?

The TAC meeting will try to identify an appropriate Lead Professional. If this is not possible, seek advice from the Locality Team Manager.

Where do we record who the LP is?

On the CAF from, as the CAF completer, the CAF Detailed Action Plan and Review – send completed forms to your local Locality Team.

If I have completed a CAF, am I then the lead professional?

Yes, you ‘hold the baton’ until another lead professional is appointed. This is done in discussion with the child/young person, their family and the group of people you have identified as necessary contributors to the child’s CAF plan, at a TAC meeting.

If you have any questions about the Lead Professional role, please contact your nearest Locality Team.