Children's Services

Children’s Equipment for the Home

There are many pieces of equipment available that can help with everyday tasks so that a child or young person can live as independently as possible, or to allow a member of the family or carer to assist with greater comfort or safety. They range from large items like hoists to help a child/young person out of bed, to small items to assist at meal times like angled cutlery or a non-slip placemat. There is also specialist equipment that can help if you have a sight or hearing loss.

Simple equipment can be bought in high street shops and a list of local specialist stockists is available in the Yellow Pages under “disability” or “mobility”. Specialist disability equipment can be bought/sold or exchanged through the Disability Equipment Register:

Minor adaptations like grab rails or major adaptations like extensions or stairlifts can also make life easier. Home Improvement Agencies sometimes employ handyman schemes or contact your local District/City Council.

Occupational Therapists can give advice and can make an assessment of need. Health staff can be accessed via doctors or special schools. Social care based Occupational Therapists can be accessed via OT Direct, 8:30AM -5:30PM on 0845 600 4555, or via email.