Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms

SE7 Send Pathfinder Change Board meetings

The Change Board ran up until 31 March 2014 - up to the conculsion of the Pathfinder programme. The focus is now on Implementation for the SEND Reforms and this group is now re-focused on Implementation from the May meeting onwards.

Date Agenda Papers Minutes

19 March 2014

Agenda Microsoft Word 152kB

29 January 2014

Agenda Microsoft Word 83kB

Minutes (January) Microsoft Word 203kB

November 27 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 82kB

Minutes (November) Microsoft Word 121kB

September 19 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 82kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 202kB (September)

July 9 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 77kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 118kB (July)

May 22 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 76kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 113kB (May)

April 15 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 80kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 135kB (April)

January 15 2013

Agenda Microsoft Word 74kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 143kB  (January)

November 20 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 71kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 139kB (November)

September 17 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 76kB

Minutes Microsoft Word 156kB (September)

July 9 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 75kb Minutes Microsoft Word 153kB (July)

May 17 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 68kb Minutes Microsoft Word 159kb (May)

March 15 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 70kb Minutes Microsoft Word 152kb (March)

January 17 2012

Agenda Microsoft Word 71kb Minutes Microsoft Word 148kb (January)

November 23  2011

Agenda Microsoft Word 58kb Minutes (November)