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Special Educational Needs

What if the Local Authority decides that your child does not need a statement?

After the Local Authority has completed an assessment of your child’s SEN, it may decide that your child’s school can provide special help for your child’s SEN without the need for a statement.

During the statutory assessment a great deal is learnt about your child's needs from you and a range of professionals. The information and advice gathered will be extremely useful to your child's school and other professionals involved with your child.

A ‘note in lieu of a statement’ will be drawn up. It includes:

  • copies of the reports which were collected for your child's assessment
  • a description of your child's special educational needs
  • the reasons why a statement was not issued
  • guidance about the support which could be helpful to your child at school
  • a description of any non-educational needs your child has and the support which might be helpful.

A copy of the ‘note in lieu’ will be sent to the school (unless you don’t want us to share this information with them) and will be used by the school to help them find the most appropriate support for your child.

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