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Civil partnership

Where to form your partnership?

You can have a civil ceremony at one of our registration offices or approved ceremony venues.

Civil Partnerships in Hampshire

To help you arrange your civil partnership you will need to speak to a Registration Officer during register office opening hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm).

Our Contact Centre (0300 555 1392 - call charges apply) is open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9.30am - 4pm. If you  make contact outside register office opening hours, Contact Centre colleagues will take your details and ensure that a Registration Officer returns your call the next working day.

Partners at civil partnership

Forming your partnership outside Hampshire

You can form a civil partnership at any registration office or approved venue of your choice.

Forming a civil partnership abroad

If you wish to form a civil partnership abroad according to the laws of that country you must ensure that you know and follow the regulations. To hold a ceremony in another country there are minimum residency requirements and this time will be built into the overall length of your stay. Most countries will need to see certain documents. See the Foreign and Commonwealth website or contact your local Register Office for further information.


To arrange the date and time of your partnership at...

A Hampshire Registration Office

Telephone 0300 555 1392 call charges
Phone lines open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9.30am - 4pm

A Hampshire approved venue

Contact the venue to check availability and agree a date, then contact us on 0300 555 1392 to book the registration staff. The venue must be booked before an appointment to give a notice of civil partnership can be made.

A non-refundable booking fee is payable at the time of the provisional booking of a Hampshire venue to secure your selected date/time. You will be charged a further booking fee if you subsequently change the date or time of your provisional booking. Although a provisional booking can be made well in advance of your proposed ceremony date, you cannot give notice of civil partnership more than 12 months before the date of your ceremony. Once a notice of civil partnership has been given, any change of venue will result in a fresh notice having to be given.

A venue outside Hampshire

You will need to make arrangements with the local registration office and approved venue in the district in which you wish to form your partnership

Cancelling a ceremony

If you need to cancel a ceremony you have already paid for you must confirm the cancellation in writing. Payments will be refunded depending on the notice given:

  • Three calendar months or more – full refund

  • One to three calendar months – 50% refund

  • Less than one calendar month (or failure to cancel) – NO refund


Before a civil partnership can take place, the law requires that each person gives a notice of civil partnership.

Notice must be given in the district in which you have had residency for the previous 7 full days.

Giving notice

It is a legal requirement for both parties to give notice at least 28 days before but no more than one year before a civil partnership formation. A fee of £35 each (£47 if subject to Home Office referral scheme from 2nd March 2015) is payable by card or cash.

The waiting period after giving notice is now 28 days, with cases who have been referred to the Home Office may extend to 70 days

Making an appointment

If you live in Hampshire (not Southampton or Portsmouth)

You will need to contact us, tel 0300 555 1392

Please ensure that you take all the correct documentation with you on the day. If the relevant documents are not produced it may be necessary to re-schedule your appointment.

If you live in Southampton or Portsmouth

Foreign Nationals subject to immigration control

Notice of civil partnership must be given at a 'designated' registration office by both partners together, for Hampshire this would be Winchester Register Office, Aldershot Register Office or Eastleigh Register Office

Urgent civil partnerships (Registrar General’s Licence)

In the event of someone who is terminally ill wishing to form a civil partnership, it is possible to do this in a short time scale. Contact your local registration office on tel 0300 555 1392.


General Register Office Document Checklist

It is a pre-requisite of taking a notice of civil partnership that we are able to satisfactorily prove your nationality and that you are free to form a partnership. Therefore we must be able to link any documents that you are producing to prove nationality and condition to you in the name you are using on the day you give notice. So for instance if you are producing a birth certificate as proof of nationality and the name you are currently using is different to that shown on the birth certificate, you must produce a document showing how you got from your birth name to your current name, which might be in the form of a marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate or perhaps a change of name deed.

If you are producing a Decree Absolute or Dissolution of Civil Partnership or a Death Certificate for a late spouse, which is in a different name to the name you are currently using, you must again be able to prove the link between the two names.

If you were born after 1983, do not have a passport and are producing a document to prove nationality of a parent, which is in a different name to the one shown on your birth certificate, we will also need to see a linking document (i.e. marriage certificate/civil partnership certificate or change of name deed) to prove the connection. For instance if your mother and father are divorced and your mother is re-married, her passport may well be in her new married name, which will not be the name shown on your birth certificate. So we would need to see the marriage certificate for her second marriage in order to link her to her previous name as shown on your birth certificate.


The Ceremony

After you have given notice of civil partnership, you will receive a pack which will include additional information to help you plan your ceremony. Staff at our registration offices will be happy to discuss any aspect of your ceremony to make sure the day is perfect for you. We will be on hand to guide you through the ceremony so there is no need to worry about a thing!

The Civil Partnership contract is a written one rather than a verbal one, so you can choose to have a simple signing ceremony in front of the Civil Partnership Registrar and two witnesses or a full ceremony with music, readings, and exchanging of personal vows and rings – or indeed anything in between!

Once you have signed the schedule, the witnesses and the Registrar will also sign.  You will then be presented with a commemorative certificate and your official certificate(s) will be sent to you within two working days.

Below is a suggested order of ceremony if you wish to go for that option

Example Order of Ceremony

  • Background music of your choice can be played as your guests are seated
  • Entrance of the couple (either together or separately)
  • A welcome and introduction
  • A reading by one of your guests (optional)
  • One or both of the couple is ‘given away’ (optional)
  • Declaration that both are free to enter into a Civil Partnership
  • Any personal vows or promises (optional)
  • The exchange of rings (optional)
  • Another reading by one of your guests (optional)
  • The Signing of the Schedule
  • Announcement that Civil Partnership has now been formed
  • Presentation of Commemorative Certificate
  • Photographs
  • Exit of the couple

Any music, readings or additional vows should be of a non-religious nature, and must be confirmed in advance to ensure their suitability for a civil ceremony.

Important - Please read before choosing your readings and additional vows

We have a Suggested Reading Pack and additional vows, to give you some ideas.



Legal preliminary costs

A fee of £35 each is payable for Giving Notice (£47 if subject to Home Office referral scheme from 2nd March 2015).

Marriage, Civil Partnership and Civil Partnership Conversion ceremony costs

Fees quoted include the cost of one certificate and the non-refundable booking fee. For costs of extra certificates please see below.

2014/2015 Mon/Thu Fri Sat Sun/BH
Register Office Ceremony Rooms £154 £164 £224 -
Goldings, Wellesley Suite, BasingstokeThe Basing Room, Castle Hill, Winchester £264 £324 £534 £574
Approved Venue (e.g. licensed hotels etc.) £404 £474 £534 £574
Register Office Ceremony Rooms £157 £167 £229 -
Goldings, Wellesley Suite, BasingstokeThe Basing Room, Castle Hill, Winchester £270 £331 £547 £588
Approved Venue (e.g. licensed hotels etc.) £413 £486 £547 £588
Register Office Ceremony Rooms £164 £174 £237 -
Goldings, Wellesley Suite, BasingstokeThe Basing Room, Castle Hill, Winchester £279 £341 £552 £593
Approved Venue (e.g. licensed hotels etc) £425 £499 £561 £603

Basic ceremony

A basic ceremony for a limited number of guests costing £50 is available at a number of locations, please contact us for further details.

Marriage Certificate

You will receive one marriage certificate on the day included in the ceremony fee. Additional certificates requested on or before the ceremony day are £4 each and posted to you within one week of the ceremony.

Civil Partnership certificate

There are two types of Civil Partnership certificate, the standard certificate which shows all the details, and the extract which shows everything except the couple's addresses. Certificates of either type requested on or before the ceremony day are £4 each and posted to you within two working days of the ceremony.

If you need additional copy certificates after the day, the cost will be £10.

Attendance at a Religious Building

Registrars attendance at a religious building (registering a marriage) £90 including one marriage certificate.

Online Payment

Once you have booked your ceremony with Hampshire Registration Service, and given your notice of marriage/civil partnership, you can pay the balance of your ceremony fee online. You will need to input your Ceremony Reference Number which is on the Customer Account Receipt issued with your booking confirmation letter.

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Outside office hours
If someone is terminally ill and you need to speak to a Registrar about an urgent marriage or civil partnership, or you need to arrange an urgent funeral to comply with specific religious beliefs, tel 0750 7777 534. Please leave a message outlining the details of your emergency and a contact telephone number, a member of our team will return your call as soon as possible.