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Energy and Climate Change

Energy and Climate Change

These pages provide information on what climate change and energy security mean for Hampshire, and what the County Council is doing to tackle them both individually and in partnership.

What does climate change mean for Hampshire?

Underlying temperatures are likely to increase in the future. It is generally accepted that the UK will have hotter, drier summers and warmer wetter winters.

Hampshire is a large coastal and predominantly rural county with many towns and villages and climate change is already having an impact in the county.

The UK Climate Impacts Programme has developed climate change scenarios in the UK which tell us more about the likely impacts of climate change in Hampshire.

Shorter, more intense rainfall may result in increased incidents of  flooding and may also affect how we plan and manage our water resources.

People’s health could be affected by high temperatures, higher pollen levels and more or different pests.

In the longer term it is likely that there will also be changes to where and how people live and work and how we manage care for the elderly and children.