Energy and Climate Change

Ecotec21 Energy Project


Hampshire County Council is a partner in the Ecotec21 project which is funded by the European Commission’s INTERREG IVA France (Channel) – England funding programme. The project focuses on the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology in existing buildings.

The County Council is currently undertaking feasibility work for District Energy networks across the County. In order to successfully progress work in these areas, the Council will need to expand its knowledge, understanding and expertise relating to district energy and CHP technology. Ecotec21 provides an excellent opportunity to do this.

Participation will also support the County Council's profile at a European level and help to build partnerships and relationships with other organisations and regions across the Channel area.

Other County Council objectives in the Ecotec21 project include:

  • to raise awareness of the potential of CHP to Hampshire residents, urban planners, architects, developers, construction professionals and Councillors
  • to provide tools to enable the Council and other partners to implement CHP technologies in existing buildings such as local schools, leisure centres and Council and community buildings
  • to build a knowledge base to support and enable future implementation of decentralised energy infrastructure in Hampshire.

INTERREG IVA and Ecotec21

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The INTERREG IVA Channel Programme is a cross-border cooperation programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Ecotec21 contributes towards the programme’s fourth priority, ‘ensuring a sustainable environmental development of the common space’ relating to the specific outcome of ‘promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency’. For further information on the overall Ecotec21 project please visit the website:

CHP systems and district energy systems

For further information on CHP systems please visit the Combined Heat and Power Association website

For further information on District Energy Systems, please visit the UK District Energy Association’s website