Energy and Climate Change



Alexander Ballard Ltd and the County Council worked together to research and develop the Performance Acceleration Climate Tool (PACT) which includes a CD, handbook and toolkit to help assess and improve organisations' capacity to respond to climate change issues. Nine areas or 'pathways' (eg awareness, working together, using expertise) are assessed, to identify which need to be further developed for change to take place. The tool highlights strengths and provides guidance through areas for improvement, and suggests where action needs to be focused to achieve greatest progress.

Risk Assessment Tool

Hampshire County Council is pleased to launch its Climate Change Risk Assessment Tool. The bespoke tool has been developed by Hampshire County Council with support from the Hampshire Local Area Agreement Partnership. It has been specifically designed to help Local Authorities and other public sector bodies undertake a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities to their organisation from the impacts of climate change.

Using climate data and a risk management framework, the tool can be used by service managers to identify key risks and opportunities to their service. It was used across all service areas of Hampshire County Council to assess the key climate risks and opportunities to the council, and has enabled climate change adaptation to be successfully embedded throughout the organisation.

As well as being used with all services within Hampshire County Council, the tool was also used by the District and Borough Councils in Hampshire. Although it was developed with Local Authorities in mind, it has also been successfully used by a number of other Public Sector organisations in Hampshire, including the NHS, Police, Fire and Rescue, Colleges and Universities. The information gathered from using the tool across the Hampshire public sector has formed the basis of the Hampshire Wide Adaptation Action Plan.

The tool has now been made available for other Local Authorities and Public Sector organisations to use, along with guidance developed through Hampshire County Council's experience of using the tool.

For more information, please contact Beth Richards, Senior Project Officer, Energy and Environment Futures, Hampshire County Council at: or on 01962 845595