Energy and Climate Change

Climate Change Mitigation

Mitigating climate change is about reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the magnitude of change that we may see.

For Hampshire County Council climate change mitigation principally takes the form of reducing our carbon emissions.

At a local level the County Council adopted a Carbon Strategy (July 2010) aimed at reducing its carbon emissions from 131,800 tonnes CO2 per year, and has set an ambitious reduction target of 20% over an initial five year period to 2015.

Hampshire County Council’s strategic response to the internal carbon reduction agenda comprises three stages:

  1. 20% carbon reduction from the 2010 baseline over the next five years to 2015;
  2. 35% - 40% reduction target by 2025; and
  3. Achieve carbon neutral status by 2050.

The Carbon Strategy recognises the importance of striking the right balance between reducing our own carbon whilst continuing to work externally to facilitate more significant carbon reductions from the 9 million tonnes emitted across the wider Hampshire community. This work is on-going and consists of exploring renewable energy opportunities, an ambitious ABI programme, and the work of the Vision and Strategy Behaviour Change Task Group.

In addition to the above, Hampshire County Council has a Centre of Excellence which addresses issues surrounding mitigation.

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