Energy and Climate Change

The Hampshire-wide Climate Change Partnership

The Hampshire-wide Climate Change Partnership comprises:

  • Hampshire County Council and the 11 district authorities of Hampshire;

  • Portsmouth City Council;

  • Southampton City Council;

  • NHS Health Trusts;

  • Universities;

  • Community groups;

  • Hampshire Constabulary;

  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue;

  • the Ministry of Defence;

  • the Environment Agency;

  • Natural England;

  • Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH);

  • the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Partnership (SBP); and,

  • Third party partners drawn in as and when necessary.

Members of the Partnership have been leading on climate change issues for some time, however the scale of the challenge facing those tackling it is growing.  In response, we have taken the ambitious step of establishing a partnership’ that could work together on an unprecedented scale to deliver major responses to the climate change agenda.

The Partnership have previously addressed climate change together through their collaboration on two climate change National Indicators (NI186 and NI 188 respectively) which were part of the Local Area Agreement (LAA). These indicators committed the LAA Partners to reduce carbon emissions and improve resilience to the impacts of climate change over a three year period from 2008-2011.

Through consultation with the LAA Partners, it was agreed that the greatest concern was not simply chasing targets and indicators, but rather to work together to achieve more in the longer-term. In view of this, LAA Partners negotiated with government clearer targets for delivering NI 186 which included the development of a long term vision and strategy on climate change for Hampshire, to follow the end of the LAA in 2011 – this Programme.

These pages provide a summary of the meetings of the HP and outline what has been achieved.