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Switch Hampshire

Switch Hampshire has now closed

Switch Hampshire has now closed

Energy switching

The Switch Hampshire scheme has now closed. Over 11,000 residents registered to see if they could save money on their energy bills and the scheme saved over £314,000 across the county.

If you are coming to the end of your fixed tariff, you can still see if you can get a good deal on your energy bills through the Big Community Switch.

Just like Switch Hampshire, the Big Community Switch combines everyone who registers in an auction with the energy suppliers. The suppliers bid against each other and the one offering the lowest tariff wins the auction. After the auction, the scheme lets you know how much you could save if you switched to the winning tariff. If you decide to switch, the whole process will be managed for you by the scheme.

Further information and the registration site can be accessed from this link

Alternatively the energy regulator Ofgem provides lots of help and guidance on shopping around for your energy provider, including a list of accredited comparison sites you can use


Switch Hampshire for Businesses

Energy switching

Switch Hampshire for Business has now closed.

If you have a query about a current registration with the scheme, please call 0800 1560 871