Hampshire's Coast

West Wood

- Fencing and path management

Lead Organisation: Hampshire County Council, Recreation and Heritage Department

Work completed: Spring 2006

Contribution from Coastal Capital Budget £10,000

New boundary fencing at West Wood

Westwood Woodland Park is located next to Weston/ Netley foreshore. Funding from the coastal capital budget has been used to install new fencing to replace the old rotten wooden boundary fencing. Other fencing was supplied by members of the P.R.I.M.E. forum (including S.C.C., Police, Fire service, Weston safety forum, H.C.C. Countryside Service). The purpose of the fence is to improve security, health & safety of staff and visitors, be sustainable, improve landscape quality and free up significant time for the site staff to do more proactive work with the local community instead of dealing with anti social activities and repairing boundary fencing. A local ASBO coordinator has recently completed a comprehensive public consultation which said that the project was well supported by the local community and enforcement agencies.