Hampshire Cultural Trust

Social History

Social history is the history of ordinary people. Starting with the collections brought together by William Curtis in the 1850s we have a long tradition of collecting social history objects. They tell the story of what people did, at home and outside, for work and for leisure. Social history is not so much about taking snapshots in time, it’s about showing how trends developed, for example, in housework or shopping. Milestones – Hampshire’s Living History Museum in Basingstoke offers many opportunities to find out about ordinary people lived in Hampshire.

One of the most important trends that social history collections can demonstrate is where the things people used have come from, how they have evolved and what this tells us about changes in people’s lives. For example, an early Victorian home contained many more things that had been made locally than a similar home in the 1930s. The same home today is likely to contain very few things even made in Britain.

Most of the local distinctiveness that early collectors such as William Curtis were trying to capture in the 1850s has now largely gone. So, if a house or office in Hampshire has the same things in it as a house or office in Northumberland, should we stop collecting if what’s around us is no longer specifically ‘Hampshire’? Not necessarily. The objects on their own can only tell part of the story.

We also collect people’s memories about the objects and how they used them. So you may see similar objects on display at our museums in Alton or Havant, or Basingstoke or Fareham  but their stories might be very different. Our approach to displaying objects has evolved as well. In years gone by objects were often displayed with little information about them, but now we offer many more opportunities to find about the collections and the stories they have to tell.

When William Curtis was collecting Hampshire objects in the 1850s he was aware that the world around him was changing very fast. Today we are living through a technological revolution every bit was rapid as the one he knew. This gives us some real challenges – how can we collect and display today’s technology which is changing so fast? How can we deal with things like the internet and email, which are having such an important effect on our home and work lives?

This is an exciting time for museums. We will be at the forefront of developing new ways of thinking about social history objects and in finding innovative ways of displaying them in our museums.


Home collections covers all aspects of life in the home.

Food preparation Kenwood Chef 1950-9

  • Mincers Choppers, slicers, graters & peelers
  • Whiskers and mixers
  • Mixing bowls and containers
  • Pickling and preservation equipment
  • Saucepans & steamers
  • Kettles and jugs
  • Toasters
  • Solid fuel cookers and ranges
  • Gas and electric cookers
  • Tin openers and kitchen accessories
  • Household Cleaning
  • Hand operated beaters and carpet sweepers
  • Electric vacuum cleaners
  • Branded cleaning products

Home Washing and Laundry Playdell washing machine 1934/5

  • Irons flat, spirit, gas and electric
  • Mangles and wringers
  • Manual washing machines
  • Gas-fired washing machines
  • Electric washing machines
  • Associated packaging

Home Dressmaking equipment

  • Handicraft kits
  • Hand-operated sewing machines
  • Treadle-operated sewing machines
  • Electric sewing machines
  • Knitting and stocking machines
  • Workboxes and accessories

Heating and Lighting

  • Solid fuel heaters
  • Oil-fired heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Electric fires
  • Rush-light holders
  • Candlesticks and holders
  • Candle/wick trimmers and snuffers
  • Oil lamps
  • Gas lights and fittings
  • Electric lights and fittings
  • Oil-fired heaters
  • Battery torches

Personal Accessories

  • Cut-throat and safety razors
  • Shaving accessories
  • Electric razors
  • Electric hairdryers
  • Health and sunlamps
  • Bed warmers/hot-water bottles
  • Home medical first aid kits and medicines

Home Entertainment

  • Radio and TV Crystal radio sets and headphones
  • Wooden cased radio sets
  • Bakelite cased radio sets
  • Plastic cased radio sets
  • Acoustic gramophones and phonographs
  • Electric gramophones and radiograms
  • Monochrome televisions
  • Colour televisions
  • Radio & TV printed ephemera and publications


  • Home Photography Box and bellows cameras
  • 35mm SLR cameras
  • Photographic accessories
  • Cine film cameras and projection equipment


Powered machine tools, illustrative of Hampshire industry

  • Belt-driven from water, steam, gas or oil engine
  • Horse powered
  • Electrically powered
  • Foot or treadle powered
  • Site-specific machine tools
  • Taskers of Andover
  • Wallis and Steevens of Basingstoke
  • Thornycrofts of Basingstoke
  • Lansing Bagnall of Basingstoke
  • OEC of Gosport and Portsmouth

Hand tools, powered tools and equipment associated with urban and rural  trades and crafts practised in Hampshire.

Printing Technology
Printing blocks, type specimens and printing machinery associated with specific Hampshire Companies and newspapers.

Stationary Engines
Stationary engines acquired from the late Nelson Ewer of Lymington.
Additional engines associated with Hampshire through use.

Lawn Mowers
Hampshire built lawn mowers including material manufactured by Shay of Basingstoke.

Marine Technology
The Museums Service has a limited number of locally built or based vessels, including a World War I gun monitor ship, and two coastal patrol vessels.

Printed material and hand tools relating to local ship builders

  • Thornycroft collection of vehicles and power units, including examples of marine engines manufactured in Reading and Basingstoke
  • Work related printed ephemera
  • Works magazines and newsletters
  • Union cards, rules and regulations
  • Social clubs and welfare material

half gallon measures, 14 pound, 2 kilo, 1 kilo official weights and measures

Collection of material relating to the history and work of Hampshire County Council

  • Trading Standards County Weights & Measures 1800-1980
  • Portraits and photographs of people associated with the County Council
  • Ceremonial memorabilia associated with the work of the County Council ·Local election memorabilia

Equipment relating to military life in Hampshire and home front material

  • Uniforms and accessories
  • Printed Ephemera and photographs
  • De-activated firearms and ammunition

1930s kitchen display at Milestones