Community Support Service

Community Associations Network Conference 2013:

‘Addressing Social Detachment’

This event was developed to enable community associations from Hampshire and environs to network with groups who have similar objects and have access to a range of organisations who could support them with achieving their goals.

68 individuals came together from a range of voluntary, community and statutory organisations, giving an opportunity to share ideas, take part in workshops and gather information informally at ‘market place’ sessions.

About the day

A series of speakers launched the day

  • Jon Whale –  Head of HCC Community Services
  • Mandy Moore – Andover Mind
  • Liz Carter – No Limits Youth Project
  • Carolyn Barber – Human Library Project

Following this delegates were attended workshops from the selection below.

How to engage young people in your programmes

Sam Goold - Outreach & Development Worker, The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme, Southampton There are many young people out there, many of whom might benefit from what you offer, but engaging them in your programme can be a difficult task. This workshop discussed barriers to engagement and how to overcome them.

How People Spend Their Individual Budget

Sharon Manzur and Alyson Ware –Direct Payments Specialists, Direct Payment Service, Enham Alamein
Personal budgets are part of a new way of managing care and support called personalisation. This is designed to make sure the help people receive suits their individual needs. This workshop helped participants understand how they could provide services and activities that direct payments can fund.

Making Hampshire a Dementia Friendly County

Mandy Moore – Dementia Friendly Communities Project Manager, Andover MIND
People living with dementia often find everyday things we all take for granted, like spending time with friends and families, enjoying hobbies or going shopping much more difficult. A dementia friendly community is one where people with dementia are enabled to live as independently as possible, continue to be part of their community, and are met with understanding and given support when they need it. The workshop helped participants to understand the actions you can take to engage and include people with dementia and their carers.

How to engage with Older People in your community centre - ever tried ping pong!

Amanda Ganter – Service Development Officer, HCC Older People's Well-Being Team, Prevention and Early Intervention
This workshop coveredideas of projects to help participants reach out to those older people who may be lonely and isolated - find out about the Better Balance for life exercise programme, how to run a Community Cooking skills event, and other ideas. It also included a discussion on possible barriers and provide practical ideas on how to reach out to older people in your local community.

Ensuring LGBT young people feel welcomed and accepted.

Liz Carter, Manager No Limits / Breakout Youth
This workshop shared best practice to ensure LGBT people feel both able to and would like to access services offered by the participants. This workshop helped participants understand how they and their colleagues can help to provide a service that is inclusive to members of the LGBT community.

Looking to celebrate cultural diversity in your local area?

Ed Walton, Senior Community Development Officer, HCC
This workshop shared hints and tips on attracting a diverse customer base - explored how local links can bring cultural activities from around the world one step closer to home.

There were also opportunities to network and have informal discussions to the presenters, workshop facilitators and a range of ‘market place’ stalls listed below.

  • Community Matters (including VISIBLE and social impact assessment)
  • HCC older persons Wellbeing Team
  • Create Training
  • Avalon - room booking software
  • HCC Trading standards
  • The Alliance (children & young people)
  • No Limits Youth Project
  • Princes Trust – Fairbridge Programme, Southampton
  • HCC Collective Energy Switching
  • Mental First Aid Awareness and Time for Change
  • HCC Inclusion and Engagement Team
  • Human library project (including demonstrations)
  • Making Hampshire Dementia Friendly
  • Enham Alamein – Direct Payments
  • HCC Sport


The evaluations from the day were on the whole positive with delegates getting a great deal out of the opportunities the event offered. All comments will be taken into consideration when planning future events.

Participants identified a range of actions that the conference had inspired them to do including

  • “I will try taster sessions in new activities to promote services in the local community”
  • “hoping to set up a number of dementia friendly sites”
  • “cascade the information gained in the workshops at our next team meeting”
  • Comments from the evaluation forms included
  • “it was really interesting to attend the Human Library”
  • “lovely pace, plenty of opportunity to network”
  • “Making Hampshire a Dementia Friendly County – very eye opening and informative”
  • “I will try to implement ideas from workshops today”

The evaluations returned by delegates will be used to inform and improve any events in the future.

As the conference was successful there will be another in 2014. We want you to help us plan and make sure as many people as possible will be able to attend. With this in mind please could you spend just 5 minutes completing the Conference Planning Survey.