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Community Associations Network Conference 2014

Innovate to Prosper

This event was developed to enable community associations from Hampshire and environs to network with groups who have similar objects and have access to a range of organisations who could support them with achieving their goals.

78 individuals came together from a range of voluntary, community and statutory organisations, giving an opportunity to share ideas, take part in workshops and gather information informally at ‘market place’ sessions.

About the day

A series of speakers launched the day

Following this delegates were attended workshops from the selection below.

Effective Staff Management including under-performance and misconduct

Facilitated by Luke Watkeys, manager of the social enterprise HR consultancy, Real People.

This workshop considered under-performance and misconduct of staff, which can cause serious problems for organisations. Advice was given about  how handling them incorrectly can land organisations with extensive tribunal costs and how if left unaddressed, under-performance and misconduct can severely weaken an organisation. The seminar helped participants to:

  • Recognise under-performance and misconduct.
  • Know when to use an informal and formal approach.
  • Give challenging feedback in a confident and assertive manner.
  • Implement compliant procedures for handling under-performance and misconduct.

Presentation: Managing underperformance and misconduct

Practical ideas to optimise your charity's fundraising

Facilitated by David Hopkins, Senior Advisor, Charities and Grant Making Solutions who is head of The Charities Aid Foundation Charities and Grant Making Solutions Team.

This workshop explored a number of practical ideas and tips for ensuring your charity makes the most of fundraising opportunities

Seven practical ideas to optimise your charity's fundraising

The Older People’s Well-Being Team and how Community Associations can work with us

Facilitated by Karen Ferris and Sophie Jevons from the HCC Older Peoples Well-Being Team this workshop encouraged participants to think about if they would be  interested in hosting a falls prevention exercise class or maybe a cooking course for men and  how they could get involved with your local older people’s forum or even set up a new one.

Presentation: How we Can Work Together - Older Persons Wellbeing Team Microsoft PowerPoint 2MB

Developing a Business Approach

Facilitated by Martin Horton who has worked at management team and board level for many years building successful business in the private sector as a consultancy Director with Deloittes and more Recently own company, MAH Associates,

Participants where able to consider how any business, commercial or not for profit, public or private needs its revenues to be greater than its costs over the longer term, or else it will fail. They also considered how this may not be immediately apparent when  an organisation that doesn’t have a clear idea of its true costs or hasn’t assessed the nature and risk of its different revenue sources. Winning a contract might look like a healthy increase on the income line but not when delivery simply broadens the gap between revenue and costs, the workshop then helped participants to start thinking about these difficult issues.

If you would like to hear more from Martin there are two FREE networking workshops planned

Workshop details

Social Media in Social Enterprise

Young People  who have taken part in Blueprint 22 projects facilitated this session to introduce participants to using social media and social enterprises.

This was a hands-on session with participants having experience of real time social media.

Market place Stalls

There were also opportunities to network and have informal discussions to the presenters, workshop facilitators and a range of ‘market place’ stalls listed below.



The evaluations from the day were on the whole positive with delegates getting a great deal out of the opportunities the event offered. All comments will be taken into consideration when planning future events.

Comments included

  • “A very inspiring session”

  • “I found all sessions good, gave me food for thought, but now I need to reflect on impact to practice”

  • “Excellent and necessary conference for all charity groups/ volunteers”

  • “Both sessions were worth their weight in gold”

Participants identified a range of actions that the conference had inspired them to do including

  • “I will go back to my organisation with an agenda to improve staff relations and provide a better service to staff.”

  • “Improving the business approach of my organisation”

  • “I will look into online donations”

  • “Increasing funding opportunities and improving our online presence”

The evaluations returned by delegates will be used to inform and improve any events in the future.

A series of follow up networking workshops have been developed to support community organisations as an opportunity to hear from experts plus a chance to network with other groups

FREE to voluntary/ community sector organisations