Community Support Service

Policy Sharing

The Community Associations in this list have agreed to share their policies. Please contact the centres direct to discuss this

Alton Avonway Badger Farm Colden Common Denmead Liss Longparish Springwood Wickham Whitehill & Bordon Winnall
Health & Safety X X X X X X *See Below X X X X
Volunteer   X       X Draft       X Draft X
Child & Vulnerable adults X   X X   X   X X X Child only X
Equal Opportunities (including code of conduct) X X X X X X     X X X
Quality Assurance   X             X X X
Grievance & X   X X X X Draft   X   X X
Reserves X X X X X X         X
Lone Working X X       X       X Draft  
Conditions of hire X X X     X   X X X X
Policy review   X                  
Noise X                    
Smoking X X               X X
CRB   X                  
Cash handling X X       X          
Data protection X         X          
Absenteeism/ late arrivals         X            
Uncollected children X       X         X  
Acceptable use (ICT)         X       X   X
Salary Review                      
Hire charges (including displacement) X   X           X    
Any policies specific to activities e.g. children X X     X X       X X
Website policy     X                
Recruitment     X               Winnall
Financial                     X
Fire Safety                     X
Code of conduct                     X
Food hygiene                     X
Confidentiality                     X
Employment/ recruitment                     X
Display Screen Equipment                     X