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Computer Skills for life

Couple with laptop

The UK may have more internet users than any other EU country, but 1 in 5 adults still don’t have the basic online skills to benefit from the web.

But the good news is that there are now lots of online resources, as well as courses available in your local community, to help you make that first step....

Online resources and courses

Want to help someone get online?

Right now, all across the UK, thousands of people and organisations are supporting family, friends, colleagues, customers, charities, small businesses and people in their communities to get connected.

If you use computers at work and home - why not share your time and knowledge, using some of the online resources (see above) to help others get started.

  • Helping families

    Share with your family:

    • showing mum how to use the internet
    • sharing photographs
    • food shopping on line
  • Helping across the generations

    Younger people helping grandparents:

    • helping Granny use email
    • sharing homework
    • showing Nan how to Google
  • Helping each other

    Silver surfers helping each other:

    • sharing websites about hobbies
    • planning a holiday
    • 'listening again' to a comedy radio show