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Older person's bus pass

How to apply
When can I travel?
Community services
What can't I use my bus pass for?
How do I renew my pass?
Am I eligible?

How to apply

Application forms are available in Hampshire from:


Fill your application form in and send it to us at:

Bus Pass Team
PO Box 696
PO14 9PD

Remember to enclose:

  • a passport sized colour photograph with your name and date of birth printed on the back - photograph guidance
  • proof of age and address for the older person's bus pass

Only copies of documents are required. They will not be returned to you. Do not send originals.

We will process your completed application and you will be sent your new pass or vouchers in the post, or you will be contacted for further information.

When can I travel?

Free travel from 9.30am to 11pm Monday to Friday and all day weekends and public holidays on journeys which start in Hampshire regardless of where you are travelling to.

For journeys starting outside of Hampshire you can travel for free at 'off-peak' times.

Free 'Off-peak' travel between 9.30am and 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on public holidays on local buses throughout the rest of England, including London.

Half fare travel on some special services, such as Call and Go and Dial a Ride.

Community services

In addition to bus services you can use your bus pass on any of the following community services:

  • Cango
  • Call and Go (at half fare) - including the Hartley Wintney Community Bus, Fleet Link and the Yateley Shopper as long as you meet the Call & Go scheme's eligibility rules
  • Dial a Ride and Dial a Ride contact shopping trips (at half fare) (including Eastleigh Parish Links) as long as you meet the Dial a Ride scheme's eligibility rules
  • Park and Ride services that are registered as local bus services (though you must still pay for the parking)
  • taxishare and carshare schemes

What can't I use my bus pass for?

Bus passes are not valid on:

  • services where most seats can be reserved in advance of travel such as coaches. However, you can still use your pass on the special locally booked services mentioned above, like Dial a Ride
  • temporary services running for less than six weeks (eg shuttle buses to special events)
  • tourist services or services on vehicles of historical interest (eg New Forest Tour bus)
  • rail replacement services
  • services where 'extras' (eg refreshments or car parking) are included in the fare (but remember you can still use your pass for Park and Ride services registered as a local bus service)
  • voluntary car schemes
  • non-Hampshire County Council carshare schemes
  • Hedge End Park Minibus Service
  • Shopmobility.

How do I renew my pass?

We will renew your pass automatically for up to five years after checking eligible users for changes in their circumstances. This will include checks with registration services, and other databases, including the National Fraud Initiative.

Am I eligible?

What is eligible age?

  • For women = pensionable age

  • For men = pensionable age of a women born on the same day

To check your state pensionable age, see the calculator on the Direct Gov website for guidance or email the Concessionary Travel Team.

What proof of eligibility do I need to provide?

When you apply for an older person's bus pass, we will need to have a completed application form, plus a current passport sized colour photograph with your name and date of birth printed on the back and copies of:

  • proof of current address - e.g. a recent gas/electric bill or similar or

  • a letter from the Pension Service confirming your eligibility for the State Pension, evidence covers age and address or

  • your passport, evidence covers age only or

  • your driving licence, evidence covers age and address or

  • your birth certificate evidence covers age only

Please note - your date of birth must tie up with the correct name e.g. a passport showing same name and date of birth as shown on the application form. (If you are using a birth certificate as evidence for your date of birth, and the name is different to that on the application form, then further evidence is needed to verify the new name, i.e. copy of the marriage or deed pole certificate).

sample of older persons bus pass