Corporate Strategy

Communities: Working with communities to enhance local services

Our priorities: what we want to achieve

  • Ensure that community and customer feedback, together with information about levels of need are used to plan and deliver services.

  • Work with communities to find the local solutions that work best, giving more control over local services to communities where appropriate.

  • Improve access to all County Council services.

  • Continue to provide high quality open spaces, libraries, museums and arts services.

  • Help residents to feel safe and be safe by working with partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Key things we will do

  • Actively seek more feedback from our customers to improve services.

  • Make it easier for customers to obtain information about our services.

  • Ensure that services are providing fair and equal access.

  • Work with a range of partners and residents to help communities find their own solutions to local problems.

  • Work with Local Enterprise Partnerships to support rural business.

  • Provide an extra £1 million in match funding for the refurbishment and improvement of community centres and village halls.

  • Work with Armed Forces communities to support and enhance relationships with the local community and economy.

  • Work in partnership with the voluntary sector to remove duplication, increase volunteering opportunities and explore further options for community ownership.

  • Promote opportunities to enjoy and celebrate Hampshire’s cultural heritage and facilities.

  • Help people to feel safe and be safe by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • Support families with multiple and complex problems at the earliest opportunity, helping them to turn their lives around.