Corporate Strategy

Economy: Promoting economic prosperity and protecting the environment

Our priorities: what we want to achieve

  • Develop the infrastructure and services required for economic, transport and housing growth; and promote a globally competitive environment for investment in the county.

  • Provide opportunities for all to develop the skills needed to play a full part in Hampshire’s economic success.

  • Conserve and use natural resources more efficiently, protecting Hampshire’s environment and quality of life.

Key things we will do

  • Support new and existing businesses to grow, including continuing to support local businesses through procurement processes.

  • Promote opportunities for tourism in the county, encouraging investment in arts and Hampshire’s cultural heritage to attract visitors.

  • Ensure that at least 90%of all premises, including businesses and households, have access to broadband capable of SuperFast speeds (24Mbps+) by 2015, increasing to at least 95% by 2017.

  • Provide the necessary infrastructure for new developments in the county, particularly new road access and over 8,000 additional primary school places.

  • Work with our partners to address issues with affordability and availability of housing across the county.

  • Support young people to achieve the skills they need to play and active role in society, particularly as the ‘participation age’ rises in the coming years (the age at which a child must stay in education or training).

  • Promote employment opportunities for young people, including investing in our own apprenticeship and internship schemes, and by working with local universities and Further Education colleges.

  • Continue to minimise the proportion of household waste sent to landfill.

  • Reduce the County Council’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

  • Ensure infrastructure is in place to prevent, and improve community resilience to, flooding.