Corporate Strategy

Efficiency: Delivering high quality, cost-effective public services

Our priorities: what we want to achieve

  • Redesign and implement new models of service delivery, ensuring that resources are targeted to where they are needed most.

  • Generate more income from selling and sharing services with other public sector organisations, becoming more business-like in the process.

  • Equip the Council’s staff with the right skills to manage change and deliver priorities.

Key things we will do

  • Plan and deliver services in partnership with other public sector organisations.

  • Remove any duplication.

  • Redesign services to give better value for money.

  • Learn from, and share best practice with, other public sector organisations.

  • Work with health sector partners to integrate and improve care and support services, making the best use of available resource.

  • Generate more income from selling and sharing support services with other public sector organisations, such as Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services.

  • Keep tight control of spend, with robust management of our assets and procurement.

  • Change the way we purchase services to save money.

  • Maximise the use of technology.

  • Support and develop our workforce, to ensure that the Council has the right staff with the right skills.


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