Corporate Strategy

Health and wellbeing: Improving health and wellbeing for all

Our priorities: what we want to achieve

  • Ensure children and young people in Hampshire thrive and achieve their full potential

  • Promote and support healthy choices for all, reducing the difference between those with the best and worst health

  • Help people to manage their health conditions, giving them choice and maintaining their independence

There are two key plans that set out how we will deliver these priorities, working with our partners:

Hampshire’s Children and Young People’s Plan – sets out our focus on early help for children, young people and families, supported by high-quality, specialist and targeted services.

Hampshire’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 10MB – sets out how the Council and partners will support residents to look after their own health, and ensure that the right services are delivered where and when they are needed most.

Key things we will do

  • Address the incidence and reduce the impact of poverty on the achievement and life chances of children and young people.

  • Support children and young people’s physical, spiritual, social, emotional and mental health and promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Provide opportunities to learn, within and beyond the school day, that raise children and young people’s aspirations, encourage excellence and enable them to enjoy and achieve beyond their expectations.

  • Help children and young people to be safe and feel safe.

  • Ensure services work better together to support children and adults with disabilities to achieve their full potential, including improving the transition between child and adult services.

  • Help to prevent people dying early from avoidable illnesses, by promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Give people with long term medical conditions more information, advice and choice about treatment, so that they can lead active and independent lives for longer.

  • Diagnose people who have dementia earlier and provide them and their families with better support.

  • Help to prevent older people from falling and provide better co-ordinated support to help people recover if they have had a fall.

  • Ensure that the most vulnerable are supported during extremes in weather.

  • Support the Council’s workforce to be healthy.