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  • Capital Programme 2017/18 - 2019/20

    • Meeting date: 03 February 2017  (Item Reference: 7884)
    • Item summary:

      This report sets out for approval the proposed capital programme for 2017/18 to 2019/20.  The report collates the service capital programmes prepared by Executive Members based on the existing cash limit guidelines for the locally resourced programme, together with schemes funded by Government grants and other external sources.

  • Revenue Budget & Precept 2017/18

    • Meeting date: 03 February 2017  (Item Reference: 7885)
    • Item summary:

      To consider the recommendation to County Council for the revenue budget, precept and council tax for 2017/18 for the County Council to determine.

  • Strategy for the Older Person Extra-Care Housing and Programme Update

    • Meeting date: 20 January 2017  (Item Reference: 7905)
    • Item summary:

      To provide an update on progress made to date and to set out the options for, and basis of, a proposed revised delivery strategy for the County Council's Older Persons Extracare Housing Programme

  • Managing Hampshire's Built Estate

    • Meeting date: 20 January 2017  (Item Reference: 8009)
    • Item summary:

      Sets out the proposals for the reporting progress against the strategic plan for Hampshire's built estate for 2017/18.

  • Corporate Procurement Contracting Activity and Approvals 2016/17

    • Meeting date: 20 January 2017  (Item Reference: 8010)
    • Item summary:

      The purpose of this report is to present the relevant procurement approvals in relation to framework agreements and contracts in accordance with the County Council's Contract Standing Orders and Constitution.