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  • Household Waste Recycling Centres Service Efficiencies Implementation

    • Meeting date: 22 July 2016  (Item Reference: 7534)
    • Item summary:

      Seeking approval for changes to the Household Waste Recycling Centres service to meet the Transformation to 2017 savings target. Setting out the options for delivering the savings and the implications of each one. Considering the outcomes from the public consultation.

  • Retendering of Bus Services in Winchester Area and of the Ringwood 125 Service

    • Meeting date: 22 July 2016  (Item Reference: 7582)
    • Item summary:

      Detailing the outcomes of tenders for the four-yearly renewal of bus subsidy contracts in the Winchester area, together with a tender for the service between Ringwood, Bransgore and Christchurch.

  • Procurement Approval - Renewal of Dynamic Purchasing System for Vehicles with 16 seats or Under

    • Meeting date: 22 July 2016  (Item Reference: 7594)
    • Item summary:

      Seeking approval to procure a Dynamic Purchasing System to deliver Home to School, Community Transport, Children's Services and Adults Services Transport contracts using vehicles with 16 seats or under for a period of up to 5 years 7 months duration (with an option to extend annually up to 10 years 7 months) at an estimated total spend up to the value of £220million.

  • Hambledon Phase 2 Flood Alleviation - Project Appraisal Update

    • Meeting date: 22 July 2016  (Item Reference: 7595)
    • Item summary:

      Seeking approval for an updated Project Appraisal for the Hambledon Phase 2 flood alleviation scheme.

  • Deregistration of Learning Disability Care Homes

    • Meeting date: 20 July 2016  (Item Reference: 7576)
    • Item summary:

      Approval is sought to implement a bespoke procurement process and vehicle under the Light Touch regime, to facilitate working and ultimately contracting with residential care providers who wish to deregister their residential care homes into supported living.  Approval is also sought to spend up to a maximum of £98.5m on care contracts resulting from call-offs under the vehicle.