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  • Creation of a new primary school on Western School Site, Aldershot Urban Extension, Aldershot

    • Meeting date: 25 March 2015  (Item Reference: 3703)
    • Item summary: To consider a report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking approval to the construction of a new two form entry primary school for the Aldershot Urban Extension.
  • Public Health - Healthy Lifestyle Services

    • Meeting date: 27 January 2015  (Item Reference: 6325)
    • Item summary:

      The purpose of this paper is to seek approval to go out to tender and seek authorisation to spend for the Public health 'Healthy Lifestyle' procurement category.

  • Advocacy Services

    • Meeting date: 27 January 2015  (Item Reference: 6351)
    • Item summary:

      This report seeks permission to tender for Care Act Advocacy, extend the contract for Mental Health advocacy, Independent Mental Health Advocacy, Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy and Paid Representative and to seek approval for a future approach for all statutory and non-statutory advocacy from 1 April 2016.

  • Younger Adults Accommodation

    • Meeting date: 27 January 2015  (Item Reference: 6354)
    • Item summary:

      Permission is sought to establish a grant programme for the delivery of an Accommodation and Support Model for Younger Adults, to agree delivery mechanisms and seek the necessary delegated authority to the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services to agree funding for specific schemes.

  • Permission for Single Tender approval for Dementia Advisors services

    • Meeting date: 27 January 2015  (Item Reference: 6355)
    • Item summary:

      Permission is sought to extend the existing Dementia Advisor service contract by one year via a Single Tender approval.