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  • Transfer of the Arts and Museums Service to Hampshire Cultural Trust

    • Meeting date: 24 July 2014  (Item Reference: 5860)
    • Item summary:

      Report to consider the decision by the Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside for the transfer of the Hampshire County Council's Arts and Museums Service to the Hampshire Cultural Trust, and the recommendation to approve the necessary arrangements to enable that to happen.  This will include consideration of the property, financial, staffing and associated legal agreements required to secure the transfer.

  • Procurement Approvals 2014/15

    • Meeting date: 24 July 2014  (Item Reference: 5904)
    • Item summary:

      To consider a report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking approval to commence procurement for various projects and contracts as required by the County Council's Contract Standing Orders. Approvals will also be sought for amendments to existing contract values or procurement approach for projects that have been previously approved.
  • Medium term financial strategy update

    • Meeting date: 21 July 2014  (Item Reference: 5881)
    • Item summary:

      Consideration of the financial strategy to 2017/18.

  • Capital Programme Review

    • Meeting date: 21 July 2014  (Item Reference: 5893)
    • Item summary:

      A targeted review of the Capital Programme (2014-2017) to maximise the effectiveness, accelerated implemenation, deliverability and additional funding contributions to the capital programme.

  • Younger Adults Accommodation and Support Model

    • Meeting date: September 2014 – December 2014  (Item Reference: 5708)
    • Item summary:

      Permission is sought to go out to tender for a Procurement Framework and associated Grant programme for the development of a Accommodation and Support Model for Younger Adults.