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  • Gosport Western Access - Report on Outcome of Consultation

    • Meeting date: 04 November 2014  (Item Reference: 6154)
    • Item summary:

      Public consultation was undertaken in June and July 2014 covering the schemes at Peel Common roundabout, Stubbington Bypass and associated improvements, Newgate Lane southern section and the A27 corridor. The report summarises the consultation process, the responses received and the resulting key issues and highlights areas where further work is required.

  • Waste Contract

    • Meeting date: 04 November 2014  (Item Reference: 6030)
    • Item summary:

      An update on the progress and outcomes of the discussions with Veolia Environmental Services regarding the potential to extend the Waste Contract.  The report will evaluate the options considered and make recommendations for a way forward.

  • Household Waste Recycling Centres Contract

    • Meeting date: 04 November 2014  (Item Reference: 6031)
    • Item summary:

      Summarising the outcomes of the recent Household Waste Recycling Centres consultation and the results of the competitive dialogue tendering process for the new contract, with recommendations for the award of the contract and the options to be included in it.

  • Passenger Transport Review, including Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme 2015/16

    • Meeting date: 27 October 2014  (Item Reference: 6029)
    • Item summary:

      Reviewing the reduced budget available for Passenger and Community Transport and considering how it should be spent to best match community priorities following the public consultation and response to tenders by the transport operators.

      Seeking approval for the range of concessions contained within the Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme for 2015/16
  • Project Extracare: Approval of the business case for the redevelopment of the former Nightingale Lodge site

    • Meeting date: 23 October 2014  (Item Reference: 5742)
    • Item summary:

      To consider a report from the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services on the outcome of the competition process under the Extracare Framework and approval to a business case to release both the site and any additional capital funding that may be required to support the development of the former care home site for Extracare/assisted living accommodation to include replacement day services accommodation for non-resident older persons.