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  • Creation of a new primary school on Western School Site, Aldershot Urban Extension, Aldershot

    • Meeting date: 25 March 2015  (Item Reference: 3703)
    • Item summary: To consider a report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking approval to the construction of a new two form entry primary school for the Aldershot Urban Extension.
  • Holding No. 4, Lockerley (Annarts Farm)

    • Meeting date: 22 January 2015  (Item Reference: 6167)
    • Item summary:

      A report from the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services relating to Holding No.4 on the County Farms Estate.

  • Hampshire Cycling Strategy

    • Meeting date: 15 December 2014  (Item Reference: 6240)
    • Item summary:

      Seeking endorsement of the Hampshire Cycling Strategy for public consultation purposes. The strategy provides a high level strategy document to provide the focus for other related cycling documents, will improve partnership working on cycling matters, both across Hampshire County Council departments and with partner organisations, will help deliver a range of physical, environmental and health related benefits and will support corporate strategy objectives, particularly by maximising wellbein

  • Managing Flood Risk in Hampshire Update

    • Meeting date: 15 December 2014  (Item Reference: 6243)
    • Item summary:

      Updating on activity since the floods of last winter and seeking endorsement for the ongoing approach with respect to flood risk management and the updating of the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. Support for the development of a Groundwater Pathfinder is also sought in order to better manage the response to groundwater flooding and the funding for measures to alleviate the risk of flooding from groundwater.

  • Procurement Approvals for Insurance Arrangements

    • Meeting date: 12 December 2014  (Item Reference: 6258)
    • Item summary:

      To consider a report of the Director of Policy and Governance seeking spend and procurement approvals for contracting activity associated with the Council's insurance arrangements.