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  • Strategic Land Update

    • Meeting date: 14 December 2016  (Item Reference: 7751)
    • Item summary:

      To provide an update on the County Council's Strategic Lane programme and seek approval to the way forward on a number of key sites.  This includes future governance arrangements, approval to delivery strategies, updates on heads of terms  and proposed response to a call for sites from a Local Planning Authority.

  • Proposals for a Sub-National Transport Body (Transport for the South East)

    • Meeting date: 12 December 2016  (Item Reference: 7908)
    • Item summary:

      Detailing initial work undertaken by the SE7 partnership to consider developing a bid to Government to establish a Sub National Transport Body for the South East (STB) which would give local transport and highway authorities greater influence over decisions regarding national transport funding plans. Seeking approval for the County Council to participate in a shadow STB, which would draft a strategic transport strategy for the South East.

  • Future Approach to Economic Development and Business Engagement

    • Meeting date: 12 December 2016  (Item Reference: 7931)
    • Item summary:

      The Cabinet will review key findings from the recent business engagement exercise and consider its response in terms of how it may be able to support economic development across Hampshire. It will also consider proposals to enhance its engagement with the business community and to further refine its economic development delivery arrangements, taking into consideration national drivers and local priorities.