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Council Meetings

Guide to the Meetings Information System

For more help using this website or to find out more about the Council's public meetings please contact or telephone 01962 845751


The Meetings Information System is where you can find the decisions, reports and minutes for the Council's public meetings and committees. All of these documents are published in PDF format. If you do not already have a PDF reader on your computer, you can download one for free. Guidance for this can be found on our Help with Downloads page.

What is on the System?

Details about all meetings and agenda items held in public from January 2010 will be on the Meetings Information System. Documents for meetings prior to 2010 are available in the meetings archive.

Agenda Items

Each agenda item is listed separately on the system, and you can search for these using the Keyword Search or the Advanced Search. For more guidance on searching see the help using the searches page.

The details about an agenda item are split into four tabs: Details, Summary, Have Your Say and Documents

This gives details about the item, such as what it is about, and who is involved with it as well as the meeting and date the item is being considered. You can click on the meeting date and view details about where the meeting is being held and other items on the agenda.

The summary is a brief overview of the content of the report itself.

Have Your Say
This tells you how you could get involved, and help influence a decision.

This is where you will find the documents relating to the item. These documents include agendas, reports, decisions and minutes, along with other associated appendices. More information about the different types of document can be found in the glossary.

If a report is confidential it will not be available to view, but there will be information about why it is confidential or exempt.


You can also search for a meeting to find out where and when a meeting is being held, and the agenda items that were or are due to be considered. You can also find the agenda and minutes if they have been published.

Notice of Key Decisions

Also on the System is the Notice of Key Decisions, which details the Key Decisions due to be made by the Council in the coming months.