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23/01/2017 02:20pm

Tim M

I understand that there is a sign in the car park at Beacon Hill suggesting that drones should not be flown on the hill. Can you please confirm if this is a rule, who made the sign and why such a rule is required on Open Access land?

The Ranger Replies

Thank you for your enquiry, please see statement below. from Hampshire County Council. Please email northern.sites@hants.gov.uk if you have any further queries.

Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Service asks that unmanned aircraft (drones) are not operated from its land holdings. This follows guidance recently issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to help drone pilots fly safely and responsibly by following the drone code. The Countryside Service is considering how drone operators could be compliant with the drone code whilst on its land holdings in the future.



12/10/2016 09:26am

Shane withers

How high is beacon hill.

The Ranger Replies

Following a quick bit of research online, the answer I found is 261m.



15/09/2016 10:17am


Hi, My father passed away last week and has requested that his ashes be scattered at Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley, a place he loved visiting. We would like your permission to do this if possible?

The Ranger replies

Condolences on your loss. Unfortunately, you have contcted the team at Yateley Common and we do not manage Royal Victoria Country Park. If you would like to telephone them on 023 8045 5157 or email rvcp.enquiries@hants.gov.uk, I am sure they will be able to help you. Kind regards.



13/06/2016 02:28pm

Marie Bassett

I have recently found out that my names name is carved into the Obelisk on beacon hill and I am trying to find more information about it. Is there any way you can help? Many thanks

The Ranger replies

Hi, perhaps try Hampshire County Council's Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record - www.hants.gov.uk/landscape-and-heritage/historic-environment. There is an online search function and a contact telephone number if you get stuck. You could also try the Hampshire Records Office - www.hants.gov.uk/archives . Hope this helps.



03/06/2016 11:42am

Angela ironside

What breed of sheep are grazing on Beacon Hill. They seem to have greyish wool.

The Ranger Replies

The sheep at Beacon Hill aren't actually ours, so not sure what breed they are.  We believe they belong to the Highclere Estate. They may be able to let you know what breed the sheep are.



22/04/2016 10:07am

Janet Lewis

Will a beacon be lit for the queens 90th birthday, if so what time. I will look out from a hill in west Berkshire.

The Ranger Replies

Thank you for your enquiry but no events of this kind have been planned.



18/04/2016 04:21pm

Patricia Duckworth

Will there be a beacon lit on 21 April 2016 to celebrate HM Queen's 90th birthday?

The Ranger replies

Many thanks for your enquiry, but no event of this kind has been planned at this time.



14/03/2016 03:59pm

Emma hawkins

Are you allowed to take dogs up beacon hill?

The Ranger replies

Thanks for getting in touch. You are allowed to take dogs up Beacon Hill, but at this time of the year, they have to be kept on a lead. The first reason is to avoid disturbance to important breeding birds and the second is due to sheep grazing. If you do decide to visit Beacon Hill with your canine friend, please make sure they are on a lead between 1st March and 31st July, and/or when local signage dictates.

Many thanks.



29/07/2015 09:55am

jenny wolf

Hi. I was pleased to find this Q&A site. We are shortly on a brief visit from New Zealand and unfortunately only have early morning time to drive out of our way to get a view of Highclere Castle - would you suggest the best view is from Beacon Hill? I'm gathering that the Castle is not easily seen from the Estate main gate? Any other recommendations on local hill view aspects would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jenny

I think that the best view you will get is certainly going to be from atop Beacon Hill.  It is a steep climb but well worth the effort, not just for the views of the Castle but for the views of the surrounding countryside.  With sky larks and meadow pippits nesting in the grass and buzzards and red kites soring over head and orchids scattered over the hill top it is well worth the climb.


The ranger team.



12/01/2015 11:07am

Jean Cousens

My father used to be a keen hillwalker but now can walk only a few hundred yards on the level.

I like to take him to places along the A3 (from his care home in Walton) from which we can get good views in the car with possibly a short walk he can manage.

Are there any such hilltops in Hampshire with carparks at or near the top from which he can see a view?

Thank you


The Ranger Replies

There are a number of areas you could visit. Have you tried Butser Hill just off the A3 or Ashford Hangers near Hawkley. Both these sites are in the Petersfield area just off the A3 and are managed by Hampshire County Council. Alternatively, you could try Hindhead Common and the Devil's Punchbowl. You can park at the visitor centre and there is a great view across the Surrey Hills a short walk from the car park. This is a National Trust site. I hope this helps.


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