Castle Bottom

School, college and group visits

Educational visits to the Northern Area Sites are usually only available for Yateley Common due to the more sensitive nature of Castle Bottom. A number of college visits have been arranged to Castle Bottom in the past however and have contributed to records and knowledge of the site.
Yateley Common Schools Information

Primary education

Yateley Common has several school visits every year, all of which are led by the Site Rangers.

The team offer a number of primary packages. Some of our most popular sessions include “A Day in the Life of a Ranger”, Habitat Comparisons, Pond-Dipping and Mini-Beast Hunting, as well as a variety of games and activities designed to teach children about topics such as adaptations, food chains, caring for the environment, mapping and orientation.

All of the educational sessions we offer are flexible and can be readily tailored to suit National Curriculum requirements as well as the age and abilities of the visiting group.


Secondary and College

We also welcome visits by secondary and college groups.

This work tends to be based upon the school or colleges own requirements and one of our staff will usually attend to answer any questions or, for example, to give a brief talk on the management of the site.

All visits need to be booked with us and we are happy to discuss appropriate subject matters.


Group visits

Groups such as Scouts and Guides use the common for various activities including night games and camping.

Other groups such as colleges use the common for orienteering, amongst other activities.

All such events are limited and must be booked with us as the common is of National and European importance for its wildlife and is sensitive to too much pressure and disturbance. Absolutely no motor sport events will be permitted.

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Further information about education work or group visits please contact Site Rangers