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Coastal change at Lepe and Calshot

You may come across markers on the seahore at Lepe Country Park and Calshot Activities Centre.

They have been placed there as part of the Coastal Communities Adapting To Change project (CCATCH) to encourage you to think about how the coast may change in the future and what effect it will have on the ways you use it.

The causes of coastal change

Shoreline during a storm

It is thought that with sea level rise and an increase in vigorous storm events there will be a loss of cliff and beach material through erosion and an increase in flooding of parts of the shoreline between Lepe and Calshot.

Planning for the Future

In most cases there will be no replacement of sea defences along this stretch of coast as they come to the end of their life. At Lepe any new or replacement facilities such as a visitor centre, would need to be sited at a higher level to avoid damage from future erosion and flooding.

At Calshot, the beach is maintained using groynes and revetments helping to protect the road and buildings on the spit from flooding. If these structures are not maintained and replaced the way that Calshot spit is used may have to change.

Have a look at some of the resources that were produced by the project.

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