Hampshire Countryside Service

Steering Group - Terms of Reference


“Linking village to countryside, people to nature”. The Shipwrights Way will provide an attractive countryside route for families and communities, from Alice Holt Forest via the villages and towns of the South Downs, Queen Elizabeth and Staunton Country Parks, and on to the sea at Portsmouth. It will be available to walkers, cyclists and, where possible, horse-riders and people with disabilities.


The Shipwrights Way Project was initiated by the East Hants HAT in 2009, responding to a long-held Forestry Commission aspiration to provide a route linking two large areas of woodland - Alice Holt Forest near Farnham and Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield. It is now a free-standing project into which all partners have formally entered, having obtained support from their organisation as appropriate.


The partnership currently comprises East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council, the Forestry Commission and South Downs National Park Authority. With the aspiration to extend the route through Havant and into Portsmouth it is hoped that those Councils will wish to become formal partners when appropriate.

Group Role

The role of the Steering Group shall be, on behalf of the partners, to provide broad guidance and to make decisions where the Project Officer or members of the group believe that the course of action is not clear, for example on project objectives, routing, provision of facilities and promotion. The Shipwrights Way Project Officer shall report to this Steering Group.


Up to two representatives of each of the partner organisations may be members of the group; for Councils this would normally (but not necessarily) be one Councillor and one officer. The members shall between them choose a Chair as and when needed.


Meetings shall not be open to the public; the Group may occasionally invite the attendance of others in order to provide advice/opinion for specific items. The notes of Steering Group meetings may be made public. The organisations should satisfy themselves that they have taken adequate steps to ensure transparency of their organisation’s input to the project.


Meetings may be called by any member of the Group; normally, the date of the next meeting shall be set at the previous meeting. No less than one week's notice shall be given of meetings. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when attending meetings or any other function in connection with the Project.


Meetings shall be quorate when 50% or more of the partners are represented.


Any member may make a proposal; if voting is necessary, each member carries one vote and a simple majority will determine the outcome.


The Group shall not hold money itself; all partners and other funders will make their own decisions regarding the appropriate use of funding.


These Terms of Reference may be amended at any meeting of the Group, provided that notice of the intended change has been given to all members in advance of the meeting.


This is a time-limited project; it is expected that the Steering Group shall be dissolved when the project is complete.