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Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort

Iron Age Attackers and Defenders

Costumes may be available for this session.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about what we think it was like to live in the Iron Age and in particular in the Hill Fort at Danebury.
  • To learn about how the Celts might have attacked or defended the hill fort.

Opportunities for

  • En 1 Speaking and listening
  • Citizenship
  • PSHE
  • History

Other Learning Skills

  • Listening
  • Asking questions
  • Confidence
  • Following instructions

Pre-visit Ideas/learning

  • A brief introduction to the Iron Age, create a time line or read some Celtic stories.


  • Welcome and introduction to the site including any health and safety issues and expectations for the visit.


  • We will walk to the ring and go into a circle of bamboo marking out a roundhouse. As the children enter the house they will receive a disc with a Celtic name.


  • The children will be told the meaning of their Celtic name and asked why they think so many are related to war.
  • We will talk about life in the Iron Age and why people needed to protect themselves.
  • We will walk round sections of the earthworks discussing attack and defence strategies and the weapons that would have been used in the Iron Age.
  • Groups will devise their own strategies and attempt to attack and defend the site using beanbags in place of weapons.


  • We will discuss the attacks, whether we think they would have been successful and re-cap learning.
  • Children’s feedback, would they have liked to live at Danebury in the Iron Age?

Expected Outcomes

  • Most children will – learn about what life was like at Danebury, be able to talk about the defence of the site and recount their role in storming the gates.
  • Some children will have progressed further and will - learn about what life was like at Danebury, talk about the defence of the site giving reasons for their thoughts and be able to make suggestions about how improvements on their strategy could be made.

Additional Activities

  • Use blue face paint to create more authentic worriers.
  • Take part in an Iron Age ‘Life and Living’ Session.


  • Measuring equipment, bamboo canes, tarp, artefacts, name discs, beanbags.

Post Visit Activities

  • Write a story or comic strip about their Celtic name sake.
  • Create a design for the blue face-paint and explain it’s meaning.