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Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort

Iron Age Life and Living

Costumes may be available for this session.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about what we think it was like to live in the Iron Age and in particular in the Hill Fort at Danebury.
  • To compare life in the Iron Age to a modern lifestyle.

Opportunities for

  • En 1 Speaking and listening
  • Citizenship
  • PSHE
  • History

Other Learning Skills

  • Listening
  • Asking questions
  • Confidence
  • Following instructions

Pre-visit Ideas/learning

  • A brief introduction to the Iron Age, create a time line or read some Celtic stories.


  • Welcome and introduction to the site including any health and safety issues and expectations for the visit.


  • We will discuss what the children think it would have been like to live at Danebury in the Iron Age and what the people would have needed to live.


  • The children will be given a Celtic name for the afternoon.
  • We will create a floor print of a roundhouse with rope and bamboo canes.
  • We will look at various artefacts including cooking implements, a quern, wool, spindles and a sling and shot and put them in the roundhouse. We will discuss what they were used for and compare them to what we use today.
  • The children will then make the round house come to life role playing the daily activities.


  • Recap on what we did and discuss what we learned.
  • Children’s feedback, would they have liked to live at Danebury in the Iron Age?

Expected Outcomes

  • Most children will – learn about what life was like at Danebury, identify what people needed to live and talk about what it was like in a roundhouse.
  • Some children will have progressed further and will - learn about what life was like at Danebury, identify and consider what people needed to live suggesting ways life could possibly improve and talk about what life was like in a roundhouse giving reasons for their thoughts.

Additional Activities

  • If the sheep are in the ring the Ranger will feed them so the children can have a closer look at sheep similar to those that would have been present in the Iron Age.
  • Take part in the Iron Age ‘Attackers and Defenders’ session.
  • A walk around the earthworks.


  • Measuring equipment, bamboo canes, tarp, artefacts, name discs.

Post Visit Activities

  • Build a model of a roundhouse.
  • Learn more about wool, natural dyes and weaving.
  • Write a story or comic strip about their Celtic name sake.