Life in the Iron Age

Life in the Iron Age AnimalsBread Roundhouses

The Iron Age people of Danebury were largely self sufficient, growing and storing grain and keeping animals. We know this from the large amount of grain storage pits found during the excavations. The people lived in round houses inside the ramparts of the fort. The excavations revealed the imprint of the roundhouse bases.

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This photo shows a reconstruction of an Iron Age chariot and some people wearing Iron Age costumes.  Some people enjoy experiencing the Iron Age in this way.

Thousands of bones were found during the excavations of Danebury. Most of them were from sheep but there were also smaller amounts of cattle, pigs and birds.

Dexter cow

This photo shows a Dexter cow. This contemporary breed is the closest to the cattle of the Iron Age.

This is a reconstruction of someone making bread using Iron Age equipment.

Making bread

Iron age people grew wheat and barley and used a small stone mill called a quern to grind the grain.

Bread was cooked in clay ovens similar to the one in the right of this photo.

Roundhouse reconstruction

This photo shows a reconstruction of a roundhouse from the 1980’s. Due to the passage of time and the nature of the natural materials no evidence survives of authentic Iron Age roundhouses. We know about their size and shape from the imprints made in the ground.

Iron Age people grew wheat and barley and made bread by grinding it on a quern stone.  The bread was then baked in a small clay oven.

This is reconstruction of the process.