Farley Mount

School visits to Crab Wood and Farley Mount Country Park

Come and discover the wealth of minibeasts that live on the downs and explore the beautiful ancient trees and open spaces of Crab Wood.


  • A range of environmental activities suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils. The activities can be adapted to suit your needs and relate to the National Curriculum. See session plans.
  • We encourage schools to come out to our sites to experience nature and the local environment first hand, however in exceptional circumstances we will consider travelling to schools.


  • Several small car parks serve the Country Park, please talk to us about the one that would be most appropriate for you to park in.
  • Parking is free.
  • There are no toilets or indoor space on these sites.


  • There are paths through the downland and wood although they can be muddy and uneven at times.
  • One area of grassland is fenced with disabled access.
  • There is fencing between Crab Wood and the road.



  • A Ranger led 1.5 hour session costs £2 per student with a minimum charge of £30.
  • There will be a maximum of 30 students per session.

Before your visit

  • We strongly recommend a pre-visit to familiarise yourself with the site and complete your own risk assessments. If you require guidance on activities or sites please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Supervision Ratios under 5 years 1:6, under 8 years 1:8, 8 -18 years 1:12. These ratios do not include the Ranger.
  • Please ensure your group brings appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for all weathers. In summer supplies of water and sun cream are advised.
  • School staff are responsible for ensuring the Ranger is aware of any child with additional needs or medical requirements.
  • Please ensure all teachers and adult helpers are briefed on their roles and responsibilities prior to the visit.

On the day

  • School staff are responsible for the welfare and behaviour of children throughout your visit including breaks and during Ranger led activities.
  • Please ensure you have a nominated first aider for your visit and that they carry a first-aid kit.
  • The Ranger will meet you at the pre-arranged point with resources and equipment for the activities you have booked.

After your visit

  • Please complete an evaluation form to help us develop and improve our programme.

These are generic hazards and controls that may help you with your risk assessment.

Hazard Risk Severity Controls
Car Parks  

Injury from traffic Low High Activities will be held away from car parks.

Vigilance and close group control.
All sites  

Proximity to roads Low High Activities should be held away from roads.

Vigilance and close group control.

Working area clearly defined.

Verbal warning in introduction.
Slips, trips and falls Medium Medium Verbal warning in introduction.Working area clearly defined.Groups advised to wear suitable footwear.
Steep slopes Medium High Verbal warning in introduction.
Cuts and scratches from plants Medium Low Verbal warning in introduction.
Allergies to insects and plants Low Medium Ensure school staff are aware of allergies and have the appropriate medication.
Dog bites Low Medium Signs asking public to keep dogs under control.

Rangers will give warning if inappropriate behaviour is spotted.

Verbal warning to stay away from dogs and not to attempt to stroke them.
Snake bites Low High Verbal warning in introduction.
Heat exhaustion Low Medium Groups are advised to bring sun cream and extra water.
Exposure Low Low Groups are advised to bring waterproofs and an extra layer.
Abduction, verbal abuse or assault by member of public Low High Groups are advised on ratios of adults to children and to take regular headcounts.
Injury from falling trees and branches Low High Yearly tree surveys.
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