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Kite's Croft

Kite's Croft is situated between Titchfield and Park Gate, Fareham. The reserve runs from the A27 (Southampton Road) along the Brownwich stream. Primate Way and Warsash Road cross the woodland, separating the main part of Kite's Croft from its smaller components, such as Lamberts Coppice and the Wilderness. Various permissive paths lead through Kite's Croft and are used by local residents. The site is surrounded by a variety of land uses...housing, superstores, light industrial and agriculture.

The site is designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) by Hampshire County Council. and is proposed as a Local Nature Reserve. A tree protection order was placed on part of the site in May 2002. It covers the eastern half of Kite's Croft.

The Brownwich stream runs through all three of the sites. There are two ponds: the southern most pond was dug in the early 90's Kite's Croft and its associated sites are a linear woodland and associated meadows along the upper reaches of the Brownwich stream, which is locally important for a variety of wildlife, including nationally scarce and rare species, such as the dormouse.


Kites Croft is managed by Hampshire Countryside Service, part of the Culture, Communities and Business Services department.